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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Sarah.

I’m “Mama” to a bunch of boys, lover of all things creative, yoga teacher, holistic coach and I’m an all around self-care junkie. One of the hardest struggles I’ve ever gone through has been figuring out who I am after having my first child.

And again with each additional child.

While suffering from all the postpartums (anxiety, depression,) I knew I couldn’t go backwards, but didn’t know how to move forward. I was stuck. Deep in the muck. And with each additional responsibility, I grew more and more stuck. I eventually felt like I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move. I became extremely tired of feeling guilty, unworthy, depleted, and feeling like I was hiding (which I came to find out, I had been hiding for much of my life!) and decided if I wanted to live the life I desired, I needed a life coach to help me sort through it.

Life is a process, that’s for sure.

Hiring a coach helped me sort through all the facets of living a productive, healthy, guilt free life, and importantly, when you hit the stresses and bumps, to be able to pull yourself up out of the muck. I also knew wholeheartedly that I wanted to give back to anyone who wanted my help, specially mothers who were tired of feeling stuck and needed companionship from someone who understands. So here I am.

I believe in order to succeed that it takes action and a positive mindset. I enjoy working with all my passions to create a plan using different healing modalities, journaling, creative arts, and mindfulness.

I’m a certified holistic coach, registered yoga teacher, and am currently working on my Ayurveda Health Counselor certification from Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga in Hawaii.

Everyone at one time or another could use a little help getting grounded and spreading those roots so that they can bloom into who they are suppose to be. We just get a little stunted sometimes.

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